Update & FAQs from West Campus Visioning Committee

May 17, 2018

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from your West Campus Visioning Committee. We’ve been hard at work, making progress, and with more work to do! Beginning with these Frequently Asked Questions, we will be more regular in our communication with the congregation and hope that as you have questions or comments you will send them to us. We’d love to hear them!

The motivation for our visioning work continues to be focused on how we use the asset of our parking lot to express our mission to be For Christ in the Heart of Charlotte. The Scripture that has guided our work is this:

“…but seek the welfare of the city, for in its welfare, you will find your own…”

-Jeremiah 29:7



Q: Maybe I should know this already, but what is the “West Campus?”

A: The “West Campus” is the 2.4-acre parking lot – excluding the historic house on the corner of Poplar and 5th – that is west of the church.  We call it the West Campus because we see the land as another place to express our church’s mission.


Q: Hasn’t there been a committee working on this for a long time?

A: Yes!  For almost three years, in fact! The West Campus Visioning Committee has been deeply committed to a generative process of study, seeking input from inside the church and in the community, deliberation, discernment, and prayer.


Q: I know the Session approved a Strategic Plan and are in the process of implementing it. How does the Strategic Plan relate to the West Campus project?

A: The Strategic Plan impacts what from the church’s mission may “live” on the West Campus. As those strategic initiatives become concrete they will impact potential near term real estate uses on the West Campus. Parts of the block that are revenue generating also would be compatible with the church’s mission.


Q: I remember filling out a survey and hearing something about a consultant helping the committee. What did you do with that information and where do things stand now?

A:  Two years ago the Session engaged a development consultant called the DaVinci Collaborative to help guide us in a visioning process with an executable outcome. Through a study of market dynamics, congregational surveys, input from current and past church officers, and external stakeholders, they concluded their work last year. Now, the West Campus Visioning Committee is sorting that body of work into priorities that we have shared with the Session.


Q: So, just to be clear, will we have to do a capital campaign for a West Campus project?

A: If we were to develop the land that is our West Campus, the burden of the cost would fall to a development partner. The church’s main contribution to the project would be the land. There could be potential church investment in aspects of the West Campus project that are related to benevolence, but these would be connected to a more comprehensive church-wide campaign.


Q: What are the next steps? When are we going to hear more about the specific ideas?

A: Starting this summer and into the fall, the West Campus Visioning Committee will be communicating more specific ideas about the priorities that will outline the vision for the block.


Q: Who can I contact if I have questions or ideas?

A: The West Campus Visioning Committee would love to hear questions or comments! You can email the committee at westcampus@firstpres-charlotte.org. Or, you can reach out to Pen at ppeery@firstpres-charlotte.org.

~ The West Campus Visioning Committee