June 25, 2014

What Does the Bible Say About Marriage?

When it comes to marriage, what is the Bible most concerned about? What is the biblical model for marriage?

Can anyone ever live up to that model? If not, what does that mean for couples who decide to commit their lives to one another?

In our state, country, and, now, our Presbyterian (USA) denomination, there has been a raging debate about same-sex marriage.

What might this debate reveal for us about how we understand marriage in general?

Giving ... seeing God ... being thankful ...

So mainly this entire week is about serving others. It’s about giving ourselves to the people around us and especially those on the margins. We were asked to “give” something to one of the people we meet this week. It doesn’t matter where …. it might be at a soup kitchen or at a men/women and children’s shelter. Some of the things people chose to “give out” are hugs, smiles, to be a friend, etc. I didn’t see God in a certain place….but he helped me decide something that I might not have been able to decide on to “give” and I’m thankful for that. But later this week we will be having some free time and visiting some other places and I’m excited to see how that’s going to go!!
Elizabeth R.

Teamwork and VBS on Day 3 in Mexico

Another beautiful display of teamwork and camaraderie at VIM today! God was ever-present as our youth worked together in helping to complete the roof of the kitchen building at VIM. God is here in our fellowship with our hosts and shining in the eyes if the children attending VBS. In spite of a language barrier there is the universal communication that is the Holy Spirit. This is the Holy Highway that our youth are treading.
– Work Group “Team Sebo”

June 24, 2014

Soccer time!

World Cup game! Cheering on US from Mexico!!