Trees on Front Lawn to be Removed

April 27, 2018

Arborists have advised removing two century-old oak trees on the lawn in front of First Presbyterian Church. One tree is near the Trade Street fence and the other is the first large tree on the right as you enter the church driveway from the Poplar Street parking lot.

Two arborists were consulted and reported that the roots of one tree are already dead and the other tree is dying. Both trees, one of which is estimated to be about 120 years old, are at risk of falling and will be removed as soon as the ground is dry.

“Our lawn is a place of grace in the heart of Charlotte,” said the Reverend Pen Peery. “These trees have provided us a century or more of shade, color and beauty. The trees have been God’s gift to the church and to the city, but this is the natural cycle of life. We’re preparing to let them go with gratitude, so we can begin to replace them with trees that will grow and be healthy here for many more decades to come.”

If you are interested in using any of the wood from the trees, contact Jesse Hite.