The power is in the proclamation

July 12, 2013

You shall not murder.

As Christians, we have the tools to proclaim a different word to the world’s violence and killing. We have been given scripture that describes the Source of all life and our calling to honor that same gift of life in everyone.

We have the tools of confession and reconciliation that equip us to extend life to others.

We have the cross that proclaims that life is greater than death but does that absolve us of honoring life on earth?

We have the church to tell each other (and the world) what it means to be made “in the image of God,” but do we proclaim this (in word or deed) beyond the sanctuary into a violent and broken world?

It doesn’t seem to be enough to say that we’ve never murdered anyone. It seems that our unique calling as “God’s chosen, holy and beloved” is to honor, bless and enlarge life. Maybe more than what it prohibits, this commandment’s power is in what it proclaims: “life is worth struggling for.”

What do you think? What causes people to murder? How can you respond to where death exists?