The Pledge

July 25, 2016

From a July 24, 2016, sermon on Acts 9:1-19

Let’s all take a pledge.  The politicians do it – why not us?

Pick a circle of people in your life: not the people that agree with everything you think, but a circle of people that God has put in your path.

Pen mug 7-16Maybe it’s your colleagues at work.

Maybe it’s your classmates at school.

Maybe it’s your Facebook friends, or Twitter followers…

Definitely the people who are your fellow members of this church.

Let’s take a pledge that when we talk with this circle of people, we will use the language of family.  That we will honor and respect difference.  That we will be patient.  That we will assume no malintent. 

Let’s all take the pledge.

As disciples of Jesus Christ in the midst of a world of difference we have a special mandate to treat people well.  We are not only bound by cultural norms, or civic duty – we are bound by our identity as children of God.  Our reasons for treating people with respect have little to do with being polite and well mannered.  They have everything to do with God’s expectations of us.

And who knows?  Maybe our small commitment to faithfulness might rub off on the world around us?

After all, God has been known to accomplish stranger things by way of regular people like you and me.

– Pen Peery