Summer Sermon Series: God at the Movies

May 2, 2019

In June and July, we’ll explore God at the Movies, looking at a series of favorite films that may have biblical lessons for us. In addition to the sermon series, all ages will gather at 10 a.m. in Wood Fellowship Hall to view and discuss three clips from the movie of the week before heading to the Sanctuary for the sermon. See you at the movies on Sundays in the Sanctuary.

  • June 2: The Reverend Pen Peery will explore the theme blessed to be a blessing found in the film Black Panther.
  • June 9: The Reverend Katherine Kerr will explore the power of the Holy Spirit in the film Moana.
  • June 16: The Reverend Pen Peery will preach on the power of story as reflected in the movie Big Fish.
  • June 23: The Reverend Pen Peery will lead us through the theme of good and evil as depicted in the Harry Potter films.
  • June 30: Reality beyond what you can see is the theme the Reverend Chuck Williamson will examine from the film Life is Beautiful.
  • July 7: The Reverend Mary Margaret Porter will look at the Star Wars films for their message on the light shining in the darkness.
  • July 14: The Reverend Pen Peery will explore forgiveness through the film Dead Man Walking.
  • July 21: The Reverend Rebecca Davis will use the film Despicable Me and the theme of transforming love.
  • July 28: The Reverend Pen Peery will preach on the theme of neighborliness through the movie Won’t You Be My Neighbor.