01/05/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Catching Notice"
01/12/2014 Rev. Katherine C. Kerr "Water, Water Everywhere"
01/19/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "A Joyful Noise"
01/26/2014 Rev. Chuck Williamson "No Fear"
02/02/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Foolish"
02/09/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Just A Pinch"
02/16/2014 Steve Hayner "Into the World" (Audio Only)
02/23/2014 Rev. Erika Funk "Resist Perfect" (Audio Only)
03/02/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Listen to Him!"
03/09/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "The Root of it All"
03/16/2014 Rev. Katherine C. Kerr "From Where Will My Help Come?"
03/23/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Dependence: Made Right"
03/30/2014 Rev. Chuck Williamson "Dependence: One Thing I Know" (Audio Only)
04/06/2014 First Presbyterian Youth "Youth Sunday" (Audio Only)
04/13/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "From Triumph to Scorn"
04/20/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "He is Going Ahead of You" (Audio Only)
04/27/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Responding to Grace: The Room to Doubt"
05/04/2014 David LaMotte "Waiting For A Hero" (Audio Only)
05/11/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Belonging"
05/18/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "A Direct Address" (Audio Only)
05/25/2014 Rev. Katherine C. Kerr "You Were Dead"
06/01/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Who, Us?"
06/08/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Unleashed Acts"
06/15/2014 Rev. Katherine C. Kerr "Questions of Faith: Children's Questions About God"
06/22/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Questions of Faith: Are All Religions on a Path to God? Is Jesus the Only Way?" (Audio Only)
06/29/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Questions of Faith: What Does the Bible Say About Marriage?" (Audio Only)
07/06/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Questions of Faith: Are We Worshipping More Than One God?" (Audio Only)
07/13/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "What Does Our Faith Tell Us About Heaven?"
07/20/2014 Rev. Erika Funk "Questions of Faith: Where Was God?" (Audio Only)
08/03/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Does God Love the People Who Say They Don't Love God?"
08/10/2014 Rev. Erika Funk "So Our Hearts Should Break Over the Things that Break God's Heart... Then What?" (Audio Only)
08/17/2014 Rev. Chuck Williamson "Can We Change God's Mind?"
08/24/2014 Rev. Katherine C. Kerr "How Can I Accept Grace When I Feel So Unworthy?"
08/31/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Turning Aside"
09/07/2014 Dr. Rodger Nishioka "New Ways of Knowing" (Audio Only)
09/14/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Taking the Step"
09/21/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Engage" (Audio Only)
09/28/2014 Rev. Chuck Williamson "Engage"
10/05/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Engage!"
10/12/2014 Rev. Katherine C. Kerr "Engage: A Generous Heart"
10/19/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "What It Looks Like to Be Engaged"
10/26/2014 Dr. Richard Ray "The Resurrection of Christ and the Reformation of the Church" (Audio Only)
11/02/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "The Inscrutable Glory of God"
11/09/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Reservoirs"
11/16/2014 Rev. Katelyn Gordon "God, I Thank You"
11/23/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "The Ruler of the Free World"
11/30/2014 Rev. Erika Funk "Be Careful What You Wish For"
12/07/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Getting Straightened Out"
12/14/2014 Rev. Pen Peery "Joy, Unleashed"