How You Can Pray for our Youth Mission Trip

June 14, 2018

Our high school youth leave on Sunday for a mission trip to Guatemala. If you would like to support them June 17-22, you can use this chart to see what they are doing daily and to learn how they would like you to pray for them while they are away.


Schedule Activities Prayers for
Sunday, June 17 ·   Travel to Guatemala City

·   Explore Antigua, arrive at hotel

·   Welcome and Orientation

·   Traveling mercies – safety and staying healthy

·   Team bonding

·   Prepare our hearts for orientation and context of new culture and language barriers


Monday, June 18 ·   Travel to El Tejar

·   Meet new friends in Guatemala

·   Begin projects at school in El Tejar

·   Explore El Tejar

·   Our new friends in Guatemala

·   Prepare our hearts for projects

·   Open minds and hearts as we learn more about the culture, people of Guatemala and our new lifestyle while visiting

·   Traveling mercies as we explore El Tejar & good night of sleep


Tuesday, June 19 ·   Breakfast with host families

·   Finish projects at the school

·   FPC group presentation of musical instruments

·   Evening in Panajachel for dinner and exploring

·   New friendships

·   Open our eyes to a new culture

·   Appreciation for the ways God calls us into community to do God’s work

·   Patience with a new culture, new surroundings & language barriers


Wednesday, June 20 ·   Boat ride across Lago Atitlan to Santiago

·   Visit Escuelita David LaMotte in Tzanchaj

·   Enjoy lunch and time with friends at the school

·   Begin projects at the school in Tzanchaj

·   Evening Program – Reflections

·   Ears to hear

·   Understanding and appreciating the culture

·   Self-understanding, reflection about why God called us to Guatemala and ways we have deepened our faith

·   Absorbing and processing emotions and feelings during our trip

·   Endurance – about halfway point of our trip and time together


Thursday, June 21 ·   Visit La Puerta Abierta to help in classrooms and play games with the children

·   Free Afternoon & Reflections

·   Debrief/Closing Discussion and Worship

·   Thanksgiving for the diversity of God’s creation & recognition that everyone we encounter has been made in the image of God

·   Traveling mercies as we explore & experience culture of Santiago

·   Renewed understanding of why God called us to Guatemala


Friday, June 22 ·   Travel to Guatemala City

·   Travel back to Charlotte


·   New friends we have met this week

·   Discernment about the will of God & how to do God’s work

·   Confidence to tell our stories

·   Traveling mercies

·   Re-entry to our city, homes and families