Faith Unfiltered: Meet Sam the Street Evangelist

May 28, 2019

The first episode of Faith Unfiltered: Seeking God in the 21st Century, the new podcast from the Formation Department and the Communications Department, features an interview this week with Sam Bethea, the street evangelist who proclaims the love of Jesus from the corner of Trade and Tryon streets in Center City.

“I like to tell people I got a big mouth because I’ve got a big God,” Sam says, then tells the story of his life on the streets, his 20-plus arrests and the “jailhouse Christianity” that eventually led him to the street corner where he is known by many.

Future podcast guests include:

  • September 25: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Sheriff Garry McFadden
  • October 2: Faith & Politics with Tim Funk, former Faith & Values reporter for The Charlotte Observer
  • October 9: Chef Nick Kepp, WFAE’s Amy Rogers, former Charlotte Observer food writer Kathleen Purvis and others talking about what happens when we gather to eat
  • October 16: The Reverend Dr. Rodney Sadler, discussing the Oppressor God vs. the Liberator God

Listen to the rest of the interview with Sam here.


Going forward, hosts and storytellers will be Garrell Keesler, Dartinia Hull, Bryce Lapping and Peg Robarchek. Savannah Jillani will be the editor.

“We want our community to know that First Presbyterian is a place where we explore all facets of faith and how people acting on their faith create positive change in the world,” Peg said. “Podcasting is the new face of radio in the 21st Century and we’re excited about using this medium to reach people who search for information and perspective outside the walls of a church or their TV screens.”