Pause and Ponder: 2018 Daily Advent Meditation

November 27, 2018

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus urges his listeners to “be on guard so that your hearts are not weighted down with…the worries of this life….”  Beginning Dec. 2, First Presbyterian will send you a daily email that will invite you to unburden your hearts – to pause, ponder and welcome the gift of love revealed in Jesus the Christ.

Weekday emails will offer a prompt to draw you deeper into the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love of the season, and Sunday emails will provide a liturgy for lighting the Advent wreath candles. If you missed the emails, check the links below daily.

Sunday, Dec. 2

Monday, Dec. 3

Tuesday, Dec. 4

Wednesday, Dec. 5

Thursday, Dec. 6

Friday, Dec. 7

Saturday, Dec 8

Sunday, Dec. 9

Monday, Dec. 10

Tuesday, Dec. 11

Wednesday, Dec. 12

Thursday, Dec. 13

Friday, Dec. 14

Saturday, Dec. 15

Sunday, Dec. 16

Monday, Dec. 17

Tuesday, Dec. 18

Wednesday, Dec. 19

Thursday, Dec. 20

Friday, Dec. 21

Saturday, Dec. 22

Sunday, Dec. 23

Monday, Dec. 24

Tuesday, Dec. 25

To experience the season through music, log into the FPC Playlist on Spotify.