News from the Session

November 5, 2018

(This message was also delivered on Saturday via email to members of the congregation.)

Dear First Pres church family,

Over the last year, I’ve watched as this congregation has eagerly embraced its future here in the heart of Charlotte. You’ve engaged in enthusiastic and thoughtful discussion about our Strategic Plan as well as the long-term vision represented by the work of the West Campus Visioning Committee.

Your passion for these conversations is exactly what I had hoped for from a congregation as involved and dedicated as this one.

Today, I want to let you know that Session has voted to focus, beginning in 2019, on implementing the church’s near-term Strategic Plan. As part of this work, Session has authorized a capital campaign to move the church forward in implementing initiatives related to programming and facility.

This will mean deferring the work of the West Campus Visioning Committee in order to prioritize the near-term goals related to the Strategic Plan.

Session also created a task force to explore how we might support affordable housing in Charlotte, a concern that is connected both to embracing the needs of the city as called for in our Strategic Plan and to the West Campus vision.

West Campus discussions have never included a capital campaign option, so the intent is to resume the West Campus conversation only after the capital campaign to support the 2018 Strategic Plan is completed and the related goals are close to final implementation.

Thank you all for being part of this prayerful discernment process.

In faith, hope and love,