Mission Trips to Russia, Mexico

August 12, 2019

Are you looking to serve others in the world? Two global mission trips planned for this program  year are:

  • Mexico/March 2020: Contact Martha Eubank (meubank@bellsouth.net). In Mexico, we partner with Accion Ministries to work to improve the lives of Mayans who live in the Yucatan peninsula including: Working on home and church construction projects in rural villages; constructing and supporting CEM (Casa Estudiantes Merida) providing room and board for indigenous Mayan men attending universities and graduate programs in Merida, and constructing and supporting VIM (Villa Infantil Maya), a residential program for indigenous rural Mayan children that provides them the opportunity to attend middle and high schools in the area.
  • Russia/Summer 2020: Begin making plans now to go on this mission trip to Russia to continue our support of the ministry of Hope Baptist Church in Ryazan. Contact Mary Elizabeth Coley (coley@providenceday.org).