New Director of Outreach and Mission

June 13, 2019

Shantiqua D. Neely, the current Executive Director at A Child’s Place, joins the staff at First Presbyterian Church on July 8 as Director of Outreach and Mission.

“A foundational area of focus for our outreach at First Presbyterian is a commitment to children and their families,” said the Reverend Pen Peery. “Whether it is in the Westerly Hills or Lakewood neighborhoods, in Mexico or Haiti, or in the middle of uptown, part of what we mean when we say we are ‘for Christ in the heart of Charlotte’ is that we notice, care for and equip children to grow into their God-given potential. With her years of experience in working on behalf of children in our city, Shantiqua brings a special knowledge that will help our church grow in our long-standing mission.”

Before leading A Child’s Place in its efforts to erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education, Ms. Neely worked for pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, in her native New York City.  She soon decided to focus her Fortune 500 skills toward servant leadership as a College Admissions Counselor at Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte and in various roles with the nonprofit drop-out prevention organization Communities In Schools.

Ms. Neely holds a M.S. in Youth Development Leadership from Clemson University, a B.A. in Health Policy from the University of Rochester and a certificate in Non-Profit Management from Wake Forest University.

“First Presbyterian Church has a long history of answering the many calls of need in this city,” Ms. Neely said. “Our city is at a critical turning point in creating a better future for our young people. I am thrilled to join First Presbyterian in answering that call by bridging social capital locally and globally, to make a better world for future generations.”