I believe in the resurrection…

April 21, 2017

In the Lenten weeks leading up to Easter, the sermon series on the Apostles’ Creed invited us to reflect on what we’re affirming when we recite that creed together in worship on Sunday mornings.

On Easter morning, a group of 30 youth and adults studied the four gospel accounts of what happened on that first Easter morning and imagined what those original witnesses to the resurrection would have said about what they believe about resurrection. We kept the experiences of those first witnesses in our minds as we thought about our own life experiences and beliefs about the meaning of Jesus’ resurrection.

Here’s what some of those FPC members had to say in response to the statement “I believe in the resurrection…”

  • I believe that the resurrection was relieving and acted as a test to show that God surpasses anything!
  • I believe the resurrection provides hope!
  • I believe in second chances.
  • I believe, although many doubt it, Jesus was resurrected. He was buried but rose out of the tomb.
  • Amazing, unbelievable yet uplifting, inspiring
  • The resurrection is the confirmation of Jesus as the son of God, the Messiah the people were waiting for.
  • I believe the resurrection happened but not exactly how.
  • There is a new day!
  • Awe-inspiring and comfort
  • It happened!
  • It seems impossible
  • Amazing
  • Through God all things are possible. (Since resurrection isn’t part of our worldview, it seems unbelievable, but our faith in God allows for the “unbelievable.”)
  • I believe it’s a faithful trust in the unknown
  • I believe the resurrection is the ultimate miracle of the Bible
  • God continues the story
  • New renewed hope and trust in God’s compassion and love
  • Confirmation that Jesus is the Son of God – fulfills prophecy that seems unbelievable
  • I believe the resurrection was ineffable
  • Hope gets the last word!
  • I believe Jesus resurrected to let us know that we are safe and God is watching over us. It gives us a chance to experience life without him and our safety even when he’s not here.
  • I believe the resurrection was special.
  • While it’s sometimes difficult to understand or believe, the magic and awe of the resurrection gives me hope and a sense of inspiration in our risen Lord.
  • I believe it!
  • I believe Jesus rose from the dead to help others.
  • Our loved ones are in heaven and we will see them again.
  • I believe that the resurrection is the ultimate example of forgiveness.
  • What if the story really is true? I believe I will try to have faith in God.

Even as we celebrate the gift of resurrection, it can also be hard to wrap our minds around.  It can be a good practice to consider how we would articulate our personal beliefs about resurrection.  So, people of God, what do you believe about resurrection?

– The Reverend Katelyn Gordon