Habitat, Day 2

September 26, 2019

God is so good! We had another perfect day up at the site. Weather has NEVER been this cooperative in September (sweatshirts in the morning?), great crew of Wells Fargo volunteers, a handful of church partners, fine and plentiful lunch donated by Harper’s…what’s not to like!

Day 2  was a very productive day, thanks to the Wells crew that Courtney sent us, our faithful partners and Katie’s many helping hands!

We are right on schedule as we installed some windows as well as some trusses after getting both gables up!

Even though the morning weather was cool, the afternoon was hot. Once again we went green even though about a case of  Gatorade and small water bottles were consumed. Still, it’s a far cry from the 100s of bottles from years past! We bought four bags of ice and used one in the water tub after lunch. We are thankful for much, including easy access to ice on Sunset Road.