God is working!

March 16, 2018

Remember our Rise Against Hunger event in November? We had Kindergarten-Adults working side by side to package 10,000 meals to be used as needed in the wake of a crisis in some part of the world.

While we know where meals have gone in the past, we never know where those being packaged will end up. They could be shipped literally anywhere in the world.

As it happens, it is a small world!

The connections we have with others in our congregation and throughout the denomination always amaze me.  Yesterday Pen and I received an email from colleague who overlapped seminary studies with Pen several years ago and who attended a retreat with me just last year.  She was on a mission trip to visit a school in Haiti that her church, Quaker Memorial Presbyterian Church supports.  To her surprise along with boxes from her church she found our Against Hunger boxes with labels from First Presbyterian Church–the boxes we packed last fall!

She shared her gratitude for the meals those children will eat and a special a creole saying they hear and repeat often—Bondye Aptravay! Which translates to God is working!

Amen to that!

~ Tammy Winchip, Director of Children’s Ministries