Girl Scouts take their skills home

May 5, 2020

With CMS closed for the year and Charlotte under stay-at-home orders, the members of Girl Scout Troop 15 are missing their end-of-year activities.  One much-anticipated event was a weekend trip in May to Jason’s Getaway in Nemo, NC, where the girls planned to hike to a waterfall, ride horses, and pet animals/have a hayride at a working farm.  We hope to reschedule the trip this fall.

By the way, the girls will be planning their next trip with the cookie money they raised, selling Girl Scout cookies here at First Presbyterian Church.  In total, they raised $580!!  We are so thankful to the members of FPC for making the girls’ first time selling cookies such a positive one!

Looking for a way to connect with the Scouts in today’s environment, troop leaders wondered if the girls could cook for their families using the skills they learned last December. At that time, they earned was the New Cuisines Cadet Badge when they met at FPC and prepared chicken enchiladas under the guidance of FPC member and personal chef, Melissa Toth.

Ruth Ellen Gill texted Scout parents to ask if this was a good idea.  “YES!” was the immediate response. So, groceries were purchased, recipes printed, and we were set to go Saturday, April 25.

Girl Scout volunteers Holly Ham and Kathryn Raby prepare to deliver ingredients to each Scout’s home for her to prepare enchiladas for her family’s dinner.  The Scouts learned to cook enchiladas with FPC member and personal chef Melissa Toth in December, and now they would make them for their families.

When Holly Ham dropped off the supplies to one Girl Scout, Amari, she looked confident and ready to start cooking!
Some Scouts cooked that very night and shared photos of their enchiladas, saying they were “delicious”!

Along with the food package, we included a badge they could work on at home – the Comic Artist Badge – as well as paper and colored pencils, to tell their own story by making a comic strip.

With the success of this experiment, troop leaders are now considering a second meal kit for the families. New Orleans gumbo was the runner-up choice when the girls decided to cook enchiladas in December, so that is a possibility.  If you have a family favorite –and simple!—recipe for gumbo, please send it to Barb Neidinger.

Thank you, FPC, for all the ways you support Girl Scout Troop 15!