FPC Launches New Podcast: Voices from Church and Trade

September 27, 2018


Church isn’t limited to inside the plaster walls or iron fence of FPC—and our new podcast will enable people to access programming wherever they are.

“Church happens wherever we study, gather and do Christ’s work,” said Director of Adult Formation Garrell Keesler, who is spearheading the new offering. “To fully be the church, we need to take content and conversation to the people. That was the inspiration for our new podcast, Voices from Church and Trade.”

Over time, Garrell expects to build a library of podcasts that will help connect the church to the world by providing brief (15-20 minute) conversations to refresh the ways we practice faith.

Why “Church and Trade”?

“For 200 years, FPC has stood at the intersection of these streets listening to the city and telling stories of faith,” Garrell said. “These podcast conversations will explore the places where the sacred and the secular flow together. They’ll focus on the energy and vibrancy that occur when different streams of thought merge. And they’ll explore the new ideas that arise from sharing different perspectives.”

The first podcast features the Reverend Pen Peery and FPC member John Horne. Access it from the Now@First page on the church website, as well as from various social media outlets.