Fifth Grade Sexuality & Spirituality Retreat

Apr, 5, 2019

Most parents cringe at the thought of “having the talk” with their child. The changes that are part of puberty are natural, but it is sometimes hard to broach the topic.

The Sexuality & Spirituality Retreat on April 5-6 is designed to:

  • share how we are made in God’s Image
  • take a look at how images of males and females are portrayed in society
  • give an introduction to the changes that happen to our bodies and minds during puberty
  • provide an opportunity for children to ask questions they have on their minds

Friday’s session will be 6:30-8:30 p.m.; the Saturday session will be 9:30 a.m.-2 p.m. Meet in the Historical Lobby for both sessions.

Register online now through March 31. A parent must attend with each child; if both parents would like to attend, they are welcome. Confidential scholarships are available; check the scholarship option in the online registration. Cost is:

  • $60 (1 child and 1 parent)
  • $70 (1 child and 2 parents)
  • $80 (2 children and 1 parent)
  • $90 (2 children and 2 parents)


Contact Director of Children’s Ministry Tammy Winchip (704.927.0265) with questions.