Embody Your Faith: Walk a Labyrinth

March 20, 2017

Each week, the Sunday bulletin offers suggestions for Lenten practices throughout the week. This week, a suggestion for embodying our faith is to walk a labyrinth. Look for the list of nearby labyrinths or use the image in the bulletin.

And don’t forget to stop by one of our picnic tables on the lawn to write a prayer for yourself or someone else between now and Easter. As a community of faith, our voices are woven together in the Apostles’ Creed. As children of God, our hopes and sorrows are woven together in prayer. Picnic tables covered in cloth will be in on the lawn front of the sanctuary daily between now and Easter. You are invited to write a prayer for yourself or someone else on the cloth. We hope all children, youth and adults will visit the tables often and share your struggles and blessings as a way of embodying your faith.

Prayer prompts on each table include:

  • Pray for someone who is suffering
  • Write a 1 line prayer
  • Write where you see God’s love.

These prayers will be woven together and used in worship on Youth and Confirmation Sunday, April 23.