Staff & Leadership

William Andrews

Facilities Staff

Willie Atkins

Facilities Staff

Elizabeth Cook

Administrative Assistant for Formation

Angelica Ellis

Food Services Manager

Jan Gaddis

Finance Manager

Tanya Gaspar

Executive Assistant to the Senior Pastor

Jamar Goodwin

Facilities Staff

Jennifer Graves


Jesse Hite

Church Administrator

Dartinia Hull

Communications Manager

Savannah Jillani

Publications Assistant

Milton Kidd

Facilities Staff

Mary Caroline Lee

Assistant Director, Weekday School

Robin Masten

Assistant for Finance

Diane Maye


Caryn Overbey

Music Administrative Assistant

Mary Scott Peterson

Capital Campaign Director

Peg Robarchek

Director of Communications

Ben Treece

Technical Production Coordinator

Kewana “Keke” Turner

Food Service Assistant

Jim Tyndall

Operations Manager

Kathleen Zeppernick

Administrative Assistant to Associate Pastors