March 25, 2019

Moving Ministry/June 8/Crisis Assistance Furniture Bank/9 a.m.

Meet us on the second Saturday each month to be part of  FPC’s Moving Ministry. Every month, members of the church help a family move from homelessness or transition into a permanent home. Meet at 9 a.m. at the Crisis Assistance Furniture Bank, 333 Dalton Road. There is work for friends and family, including teenagers and their friends. Sign up online.

March 11, 2019

Honor or memorialize a loved one by purchasing a lily to adorn the Sanctuary for Easter Sunday, April 21.

Lilies will go on sale on March 17 and the final day to order is April 7. You may order online under Tickets & Signups on the Now@First page on the church website or by sending a check made out to First Presbyterian Church to Diane Maye, PO Box 1008, Huntersville, NC  28070.  Be sure to indicate the name of the person you want to recognize and whether the lily is a memorial or an honorarium.

March 7, 2019

At First Presbyterian, we are fortunate to have active and engaged members who are willing to share. On Sunday, March 3, Dr. Anne Barnard presented “Fuel for the Journey,” an information-packed talk on nutrition and fitness. Those in attendance walked away with insight and motivation.

In case you missed it, Anne has provided her Power Point for us to share. Click on the image below to view the presentation.

February 28, 2019

February 25, 2019

The Capital Campaign Cabinet, chaired by Emily Johnson, has met twice. They currently are:

  • advertising for a full-time campaign director;
  • prioritizing the scope of the campaign and receiving input to establish a recommended budget for the work being considered;
  • launching a feasibility study to understand the congregation’s capacity for giving.

The current time frame for the campaign to be launched to the congregation is early 2020, with the campaign to close before Easter of next year.

Capital Campaign Cabinet members are John Barry, Suzie Black, Lee Bradley, Peter Carlson, Milt Childress, Gene Cochrane, Mike Elliott, Kelly Graves, Marc Gustafson, Lauren Harnett, Page Hull, Mike James, Emily Johnson (chair), Elizabeth Little, Wardie Martin, Sally McElwee, Don Olmstead, Pen Peery and Scott Reschly.

Here is the latest progress in filling three positions, a new Associate Pastor for Formation and Young Adults, a Director of Mission and Outreach, and a part-time receptionist for the front desk.


  • Associate Pastor Nominating Committee: This committee is made up of Libby Bell (chair), Tommy Holderness, Sloan Dudley, Katie Curry, Carson Rogers, Riley Williamson (youth) and Lee Cory. The Ministry Information Form has been reviewed by the Charlotte Presbytery and the position has been posted. The committee is now in the process of receving candidates.
  • Director of Mission & Outreach Search:This search committee is made up of Floyd Davis (chair), Sarah Shifflet (vice chair), Kedar Bryan, Jill Dinwiddie, Amy Hockett, Martha Eubank and Scott Warfield. The committee reports that applications have closed and resumes are being evaluated as a first step to scheduling interviews. The committee is aiming for a decision by late spring.
  • Part-time Receptionist: The church’s new part-time receptionist will begin training on Tuesday, March 12. Watch for her introduction early next week.

Thoughts on Religion, Morality and Politics/Sundays, March 10-24/Fresco Lobby

On Sundays, March 17 and 24, Ross Loeser and John Johnson will lead Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White—Thoughts on Religion, Morality and Politicies, a three-week Good Samaritan Class in the Fresco Lobby. It will be based on resources from the Reverend Adam Hamilton, whose United Methodist Church is as politically diverse as First Presbyterian.


We will listen and share in a spirit of loving God and each other as we discuss the following topics.

  • March 17 – How should we live? The ethics of Jesus
  • March 24 – What would Jesus say to America?

Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem, accompanied by the waving of palm branches, is re-enacted each Palm Sunday in Christian congregations worldwide as Holy Week observances begin.


This year, when First Presbyterian Church celebrates Palm Sunday on April 14, we will be doing so with palms from communities in Mexico and Guatemala where workers are paid fairly and engage in sustainable harvesting in order to protect the local ecosystem. These palms will be purchased directly from harvesters at five to six times the normal payment per frond. This choice helps improve standards of living and protects forests.

February 21, 2019

Mondays can be rough. That alarm seems to go off way too early, and the coffee takes way too long to kick in. The to-do list for the week is at its longest, and everything seems to be urgent. Sometimes I’m already beginning the mental countdown to the weekend!

One Monday a couple of weeks ago was not one of those days for me.

As I walked into my office, I noticed the voicemail light blinking. It was a message from a long-time church member, asking me to call her. It seems the Camp Grier camper she and her husband had sponsored and mentored for many years, now an analyst at Wells Fargo, was interested in sponsoring a camper this year herself. Her experience at Camp Grier had been so meaningful to her that she felt called to provide that experience to someone else.

After that wonderful conversation, I went to a Read Charlotte Transformation Network meeting, where I had the privilege of sharing our HELPS tutoring successes as part of the “celebrations” portion of the meeting. We have been tutoring students since November 22, with breaks for holidays and testing during that time and I let them know that, of the eleven students we tutor at Westerly Hills, 82% showed growth (most, quite significant growth) in their mid-year fluency test scores.

In fact, 27% of the students we are tutoring showed so much growth that they would no longer be identified as needing the intervention. 

Neither Read Charlotte nor the administration at the school were expecting to see an impact yet. But we made an impact, and it wasn’t small. Read Charlotte is going back to the professor who developed the program to see how we should proceed because they didn’t expect this kind of progress!

When we serve others, we know that we are doing what God calls us to do. We know it makes us feel good, and we hope that it is really making a difference in this overwhelmingly broken world. Rarely do we receive such bold confirmation, though, that what we do does matter. HELPS is helping struggling readers hit their goals and move forward, more quickly than we could have ever dreamed. The relationships formed and memories made as a result of our summer camps program are long-lasting, meaningful and important.

Yes, what we do matters.  Yes, it takes time.  Yes, it takes commitment.  And it brings joy.  It creates hope. It matters.

Don’t you want to sign up online today to create hope.

~ Heather Herring, Child & Family Partnership Coordinator

February 18, 2019

FPC’s Moving Ministry helps a family move from homelessness or transition into a permanent home. Meet at 9 a.m. at the Crisis Assistance Furniture Bank, 333 Dalton Road, on Saturday, March 9. There is work for friends and family, including teenagers and their friends. <Sign up online.> <>