Capital Campaign Update May, 2019

May 24, 2019

In early May, members of First Presbyterian met with Allen Walworth, fundraising principal with Generis Consulting, which has been hired to provide outside counsel on the proposed Capital Campaign.

Allen spent six days here hosting 29 confidential interviews with key stakeholders—those with a history of service and financial commitment to the church—from our congregation. He also hosted six focus groups of approximately 65 members, encompassing a broad range of membership—new and long-term members, a variety of ministry areas, and age groups ranging from 30 to 80-plus years of age. His findings will help us determine the scope of the campaign, whether we are headed in the right direction,  and a realistic, yet bold, campaign goal.

Allen has more than 14 years of full-time experience in the church stewardship ministry, having partnered with 130 churches to raise more than $350 million for their ministry visions. Before becoming a generosity consultant, Allen was a senior pastor for 17 years, leading congregations ranging from a small town church of 1,000 members to a large metropolitan congregation of over 9,000 members. Allen earned a Ph.D. in New Testament studies, and has taught at the college and seminary levels.

Mary Scott Peterson is Campaign Director and Pete Carlson chairs the Capital Campaign Cabinet. Members of the Cabinet are John Barry, Suzie Black, Lee Bradley, Milt Childress, Gene Cochrane, Mike Elliott, Kelly Graves, Marc Gustafson, Lauren Harnett, Page Hull, Mike James, Elizabeth Little, Wardie Martin, Sally McElwee, Dan Olmstead and Scott Reschly.