Capital Campaign Update 2-25-19

February 25, 2019

The Capital Campaign Cabinet, chaired by Emily Johnson, has met twice. They currently are:

  • advertising for a full-time campaign director;
  • prioritizing the scope of the campaign and receiving input to establish a recommended budget for the work being considered;
  • launching a feasibility study to understand the congregation’s capacity for giving.

The current time frame for the campaign to be launched to the congregation is early 2020, with the campaign to close before Easter of next year.

Capital Campaign Cabinet members are John Barry, Suzie Black, Lee Bradley, Peter Carlson, Milt Childress, Gene Cochrane, Mike Elliott, Kelly Graves, Marc Gustafson, Lauren Harnett, Page Hull, Mike James, Emily Johnson (chair), Elizabeth Little, Wardie Martin, Sally McElwee, Don Olmstead, Pen Peery and Scott Reschly.