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Giving … seeing God … being thankful …

June 25, 2014

Giving ... seeing God ... being thankful ...

So mainly this entire week is about serving others. It’s about giving ourselves to the people around us and especially those on the margins. We were asked to “give” something to one of the people we meet this week. It doesn’t matter where …. it might be at a soup kitchen or at a men/women and children’s shelter. Some of the things people chose to “give out” are hugs, smiles, to be a friend, etc. I didn’t see God in a certain place….but he helped me decide something that I might not have been able to decide on to “give” and I’m thankful for that. But later this week we will be having some free time and visiting some other places and I’m excited to see how that’s going to go!!
Elizabeth R.

Teamwork and VBS on Day 3 in Mexico

Teamwork and VBS on Day 3 in Mexico

Another beautiful display of teamwork and camaraderie at VIM today! God was ever-present as our youth worked together in helping to complete the roof of the kitchen building at VIM. God is here in our fellowship with our hosts and shining in the eyes if the children attending VBS. In spite of a language barrier there is the universal communication that is the Holy Spirit. This is the Holy Highway that our youth are treading.
– Work Group “Team Sebo”

Soccer time!

June 24, 2014

Soccer time!

World Cup game! Cheering on US from Mexico!!

VBS in Mexico!

Today was a special day in Mexico as it was our first day hosting Vacation Bible School. The youth really enjoyed interacting with the village children. God’s footprints were evident in the children’s laughter and smiles. The group continued working hard and succeeded getting 28 17-ft cement poles positioned to start the roof on the dining hall. The unusually breezy day was definitely enjoyed by all.
– Small Group “7 Dwarfs”

Cars, manicures, beautiful children of God …

Upon arriving at the Gateway Center on Monday morning, I was assigned to give manicures to clients, which is what the homeless Imagemembers that visited the Center were called. One older man who looked to be in his 50s wandered over to us and asked for us to file and buff his nails. As we started to file them, we asked him where he was from. He told us he was from Pennsylvania, then eagerly began to explain his early fascination with cars. As he got deeper and deeper into the details about his cars from the 80s, the best I could do was smile and nod, as I had no idea what cars he was talking about, and didn’t understand any of the car parts he was talking about either (maybe I’m just not good with cars, but now that I think about it, the cars he was taking about were from almost 20 years before I was born). But I guess that was all he really needed; someone to listen to him and just smile and make him feel like the important, beautiful, child of God that he is. Maybe that’s what we all just need sometimes: someone to talk to, and just smile and nod and make us feel loved.  – Abigail

“If we come sin…

“If we come sincerely, God meets us there.”
Charlie Shedd, “Getting Through to the Wonderful You.

God will provide

June 23, 2014

This is the first installment of our summer youth mission trip series. The middle and high school youth will spend time this year in with our mission partners at VIM in Mexico and with DOOR in Atlanta. Please keep an eye on the blog for updates on their travels, their work, and the ways they see God’s hand and love in our world.

On our first day in Atlanta, I was already very moved. As soon as we turned the corner toward the church we saw lines of struggling homeless people laying outside. I was confused at first but soon learned the church lets them sleep there every night. They kept each of their spaces so clean and it was almost as if they had their own room. We began distributing sandwiches and came across a kind homeless couple. They sang us three songs, all about having trust in God. I believe God was truly shining through them that they had close to nothing and they knew God would provide. – Kate

Are All Religions on a Path to God?

June 20, 2014

Is Jesus Christ the only way?

It is hard to be a Christian in today’s world and not ask this question.

Or is it?

Faith isn’t abo…

June 16, 2014

Faith isn’t about having the answers. It’s about having the questions. And so instead of fearing having the wrong answer, or no answer at all, we should embrace the question.

Through the eyes of a child

June 11, 2014

In this week’s Gospel lesson, Jesus tells his followers that they must “become like children” in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. In a world that values advancement, education and progress, these words are hard for us to hear. We love children, but we don’t necessarily want to be children again.

As we begin our summer sermon series, “Questions of Faith,” we will look at some questions asked by children of our congregation and consider what it might mean if we were to look at our own faith through the eyes of a child.