America 2020 Sermon Series

July 29, 2019

God’s people have always lived in times of change and today is no exception. As our country heads into another major election season, we will hear and read about how those who want our votes are prepared to embrace the change that will be a part of our future. In August, the Reverend Pen Peery will spend three Sundays preaching from the book of Acts about the way the first followers of Jesus who made up the church embraced the changes in their world.

  • August 11: Community: Out of Many, One, Acts 2:1-13
  • August 18:  Faith: A Marketplace of Ideas, Acts 17:22-31
  • August 25:  Economics: Economies of Scale, Acts 4:32-37

On August 4, the Reverend Katherine Kerr will preach on the subject Above and Below.