Habitat for Humanity: Follow the Build!

September 20, 2019

Best first day ever

At 8 a.m. this past Saturday, a surprise awaited Eboni, who is the 2019 Habitat homeowner.

There were 31 volunteers ready to work on her house and others in the neighborhood.

Eboni was speechless.

This past Saturday was first day of the 2019 Habitat build, and it was probably the best ever. We had a record turnout all day, cloud cover until after lunch, and lots of energy for getting our work done.  We got the inside and outside walls up, as well as blue board installed and a few caps plates.

Thanks to Katie, from Dilworth United Methodist Church, there were tubs for water and Gatorade, and plenty of ice – Dilworth United Methodist supplied seven bags of ice –  but the collective team only used five because it wasn’t sunny and hot until after lunch, and even though we drank close to nine gallons of Gatorade, we used just a few plastic bottles, thanks to the tubs of Gatorade and water.  There were enough subs and fixings to cover our collective group of 40 and also allow us to share with the house next door.

Marwen ran shuttles from our parking spaces at Statesville Road Elementary School. Kent Buzard supplied a tent for shade.

Each day of building will be different,  but we are in need for more volunteers for EVERY day going forward. We will have help on Friday and Saturday of this week, but after that, let’s see if we can get the other Saturdays filled on our own. It’s only one house, and we are used to building two!

Register here https://habitatcltvolunteers.force.com/apex/VolunteerGroupSearch, and use group number 1686.

Come out and be a part of making home ownership a reality for more people in Charlotte!





Perfect weather, plenty of helping hands

God is so good! We had another perfect day up at the site. Weather has NEVER been this cooperative in September (sweatshirts in the morning?), great crew of Wells Fargo volunteers, a handful of church partners, fine and plentiful lunch donated by Harper’s…what’s not to like!

Day 2  was a very productive day, thanks to the Wells crew that Courtney sent us, our faithful partners and Katie’s many helping hands.

We are right on schedule as we installed some windows as well as some trusses after getting both gables up!

Even though the morning weather was cool, the afternoon was hot. Once again we went green even though about a case of  Gatorade and small water bottles were consumed. Still, it’s a far cry from the 100s of bottles from years past! We bought four bags of ice and used one in the water tub after lunch. We are thankful for much, including easy access to ice on Sunset Road.


Every day is a lesson


Three in a row of perfect workdays…fully staffed (thanks to Courtney) and several partners from several churches and another gorgeous day.

In fact we had so many volunteers, Katie was able to have many hands unload a trailer and organize all the stuff before reloading it!

We are finished with trusses on FPC’s house, and got all the hurricane hangers installed as well. Hurricane hangers are metal pieces that go on the ends of every truss to help weigh it down. You learn something new every day at the site.
Lots of the interior punch list got done as well, with folks inside all day hammering away at small tedious jobs. All windows have been installed, also, so this was another productive day. We are on schedule for roof work.

Susan and St. Marks fed the street today with Jason’s deli boxes..always a welcome treat! She also had water and Gatorade bottles but we still haven’t filled up the  recycling bin so are doing great going green. She bought 4 bags of ice but could have done with just 3.

If you would like to volunteer to help build a home for a family, please register here.

Small crew, plenty of food

Day 4 did not disappoint!  We had a small but mighty crew of  nine. The Thursday crew got all the roof sheathing up, so we were able to do the tar paper and the first two rows of shingles, so the Saturday group had two crews doing shingles at the same time. The front and back door also were installed.

Again, the weather was beautiful in the morning but got very hot after lunch!  We are fortunate to have some shade in the morning so the next goal is to do all the remaining roof work , shingles, and remove the hugs before lunch.

Charlotte Country Club donated a wonderful and plentiful lunch and we were able to share with the rest of the volunteers on the street. Thanks to our own John Tate for securing that donation as well as delivering it to us. Ice tally: two bags of ice were used, and we went thru about 35 bottles of Gatorade and 70 water bottles. Marwen McDowell’s job was to toss water bottles to the roof folks (and she was great!)

Thanks to all who have helped with the build. Knowing you are building a home and hope for Eboni and her family is a balm.

If you would like to volunteer to help build a home for a family, please register here.


We Are Half Way There! 

Again, we had perfect weather! And we had great volunteers and a plentiful lunch. 

Thanks to St. Peter’s Catholic for recruiting new volunteers as well as seasoned ones, all of whom stayed until the bitter end to finish up their tasks. 

Eboni’s house looks wonderful already … all the siding is up (even on the gables), all the soffits have been installed, and even the shutters up.

Eboni is so thankful for your time and efforts and passion. She thanks everyone at the site everyday she is there.

Later in the day, we vvisited Arvin Meadows, a previously built Habitat neighborhood, where they saw homeowners who have worked with FPC. One young man, who was six when he and his mother moved into their house in 2014, thanked us when we told him who we were. 

It melts my heart to see families so happy and thriving.

Thanks to you and all you do!