FPC Youth Letter

June 14, 2018

FPC Youth Families,

Summer is here!  We hope and pray the final weeks of school are going well for everyone and summer is off to a great start!  We wanted to share with you a few youth ministry updates and exciting offerings for our youth this summer.

Reflections on 2017-2018 and looking ahead

This year has been different than previous years in youth ministry at FPC.  We’ve experienced several changes – including staff changes and my maternity leave after the happy arrival of my son.  We want you to know that this time has not been wasted.  We’ve been assessing our programs, consulting other ministry professionals, listening to your feedback, and dreaming about new ways our youth can grow in their faith together.  We’re grateful to be in this ministry with you, and we’re excited about what’s ahead for youth and families in 2018-2019!

Assistant Director of Youth Ministry Search

The ADYM search committee is still hard at work looking for FPC’s next Assistant Director of Youth Ministry.  While the search has taken longer than we expected, we are very committed to finding the right person to work with our youth and our church.  As part of our process, we’ve talked with ministry contacts across the denomination to make sure we’re getting the best candidates, and we’re excited about the people the Spirit is bringing our way.

Our process of assessing and strengthening FPC’s youth ministry will continue when we bring a new staff member on board, and we’re confident about the ministry potential with a full youth ministry staff.

 Small Groups Launching this Fall!

Over the past two years, we have been exploring small group ministry at FPC with middle school and high school girls.  We recognize that youth need to connect with one another outside the church on Sundays, and we’re looking to grow this ministry for our youth in the fall.  Be on the lookout for more information in future communications.

Youth Ministry Summer & Fall Intern

We are excited to announce that Tristan Wall, who joined us last August as our intern, will remain on our team this summer and next school year.  Tristan is entering his senior year at UNC-Charlotte, majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Spanish. His post-graduation plans are to join the YAV (young adult volunteer) program. We are grateful for Tristan’s leadership, commitment and enthusiasm for our youth; particularly Middle School.

Youth Ministry Summer Happenings

We have a lot going on in youth ministry this summer including middle and high school monthly socials, mission days, and weekly lunches.  Details for these events can be found in the youth newsletter and on social media.  If you’re not receiving youth communications, please contact Elizabeth Cook, ecook@firstpres-charlotte.org.

We are grateful to be in ministry with you.  Faith is a communal practice and we are so glad you and your youth are part of this community.  As always, please feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to talk further.

​Grace and Peace,

Natalie Raygor, Director of Youth Ministries